22 May, 2024

18. Chokhte Narayan Jatra and the wax flower

18. Chokhte Narayan Jatra and the wax flower

– Have you heard about the proverb “Kahin nabhayeko jatra Hadigaun ma!”?
– Do you know the name of the jatra the proverb refers to is Chokhte Narayan Jatra?
– What is the story behind the special wax flower used in this jatra?

Come join us this Saturday to learn about the famous jatra of Hadigaun amidst the car-free environment of the wonderful communal initiative “Jivanta Hadigaun”, a joint effort by the residents of Hadigaun and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Our storyteller Mr. Gopal Dangol is the president of the “Nara Dey Jiwanta Hadigaun Samiti” which organises this amazing initiative. He is also involved in many institutions and is a native of Hadigaun.

This session is being organized in collaboration with the Nara Dey Jivanta Hadigaun initiative and Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Date: 25 May 2024, Saturday (2081 Jestha 12)
Venue: Jala Fale Dabali, Hadigaun
Time: 3:30 pm to 4: 30 pm