Remember the time when our grandparents used to tell us interesting stories about our place, festivals, Jatras, deities and mythical characters? Baakhan Nyane waa tries to bring the selected local stories related to rich tradition, rituals and festivals.

The main concept of Baakhan Nyane waa is to create a platform where stories from different places are told to live audiences in a Gurukul setting. Its main aim is to continue the tradition of storytelling our grandparents shared with us when we were kids.

Baakhan Nyane Waa, a not for profit company, working in documentation of intangible heritage, stories, legends and documenting them for future references. Baakhan Nyane Waa (BNW) is working in collaboration with local government and community organizations. Major activity of Baakhan Nyane Waa is to create a platform where old and new generations gather to revive the intangible aspects of the heritage, through modern media. However, we have realised the deep inter-relation between tangible and intangible heritage and loss of any one of these aspects affect the other one. Therefore, we are initiating the documentation of the tangible aspects of heritage with the introduction of new technology.