One of the main objective of Baakhan Nyane waa is to revive oral form of storytelling tradition that was prevailing in our culture. In earlier days legends, stories and histories were transferred from generation to generation in oral form. Many of us have come across different stories behind all the different festivals we celebrate, rituals we carry out and food we intake in these occasions. If you take a deeper look at each of these rituals and cultural activities, they have a logical reason behind them and the stories have a meaning more than just the entertainment value. 

This tradition of storytelling is slowly diminishing and there is a gap between younger and elderly generation due to advance in technology and shift in values of old and new generation. Therefore it is high time to document these stories and legends as it will otherwise be forgotten in days to come. Through Baakhan Nyane Waa a platform is provided where old and new generation meet and document the legends and stories so that it can be passed on the generations to come. Some of the objectives are listed below:

  1. To revive oral form of storytelling, collect unheard and raw stories and experiences.
  2. Properly document and turn it into more tangible form such as videos, booklet for future reference.
  3. Filling the gap between the generations, as well as to increase their interaction for transferring ideas and knowledge.

Baakhan Nyane Waa intends to revive:

  1. Historical events
  2. Traditional Knowledge and values
  3. Lifestyle and experience
  4. Folks, myths and legends
  5. Festivals and stories behind them
  6. Hidden stories (Related to place and time)